Institut Monte Rosa - International School

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CH-1820 Territet/Montreux

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Virtue through work: It is this motto that has always guided us here, at Institut Monte Rosa. And it is this motto that will inspire your son or daughter too, for the period you entrust us with their education. As a member of our "big family", they will learn to discover life's true values in an ongoing encounter - with other nationalities, with other cultures, and with new friends. Naturally, this means serious work. But it also involves a great deal of fun. And it will provide your child with all the strength for success in life. You have my word."

- Bernhard Gademann, Director -

Since 1874, Monte Rosa has been offering a wide range of academic programs in both general subject areas and intensive language studies, taught by enthusiastic teaching experts, in a family-like atmosphere conducive to learning.

Small classes and personalized instruction designed for optimum results, vital interaction between teachers and students, and principles based on genuine educational value: these are the ingredients that make up a climate in which school life is challenging and invigorating. On-going dialogue and the pleasure of accomplishment fashion the personality of students expected to address tomorrow's realities.


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