Institut Monte Rosa – International School

57, av. de Chillon
CH-1820 Territet/Montreux

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Trans-Academic Program

Best boarding school international school Switzerland Monte Rosa

This Program has been specially designed for those students who are about to change school systems, envisaging entrance to a business school. This program is organized for one or two years.

Subjects provided

The time-tables will be drawn up according to the student's abilities and previous knowledge, to include the following subject areas:

  • Economics and business
  • English lower course
  • English higher course
  • Toefl-preparatory course
  • Mathematics lower course
  • Mathematics higher course
  • French beginners to advanced (German/Spanish)

Apply for our trans-academic program

To apply for the next academic year, consult our program and our fees. Our team is available by email or telephone if you have any questions.