Institut Monte Rosa – International School

General information

 From all continents! We are proud to have 100% international student body.

As an international school, we do not have fixed nationality quotas.

The school is housed in a modernized 19th century mansion. All rooms are furnished according to European standards offering a comfortable stay.

The students are accommodated in double rooms (or triple rooms during our Summer Holiday Courses).

Girls and Junior Boys are staying in our main building, where most of the facilities are located (classrooms, dining hall, garden, sports facilities, iSnack bar, admin offices, etc.). Toilets and showers are common on each floor. Single and en-suite rooms are available on request and at an extra cost.

Senior boys (16 years +) are living in a building just opposite the school in rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The students are accommodated according to their age. Of course girls and boys are separate.

We try our best to accommodate students’/parents’ requests. Our aim it that the students feel comfortable in their rooms.

Most of our staff is living on the school premises. There are supervision teachers rolling 24 hours a day and an emergency mobile phone number which the student can call at any time.

We serve European and International food. We have our own kitchen with chef.

Meals are served in our dining room 3 times a day.

In the morning, they have a breakfast buffet. For lunch and dinner, our students are served a three courses meal at their tables by our staff (entry, main, dessert).

Allergies and special dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free diets, etc. must be mentioned in the application form.

Special meals will be cooked as per the legal representative’s instructions. We reserve a right to add an extra cost depending on special diet required.

We do not have a uniform but have a dress code where students are expected to dress in an appropriate and respectful manner.

We have a professional laundry service which launders students’ clothes once a week. We recommend that the students bring their clothes fully labelled.

The rooms are cleaned every weekday. Your bedlinen will be provided by us and changed once a week. You are responsible for keeping your own room tidy.

Our supervision staff will administer the medication according to the notice parents/students will give to them. Medication should be deposited at the school office.

Swiss healthcare is outstanding with an extensive network of highly qualified doctors and hospitals and the best equipped medical facilities.

The school’s doctor office is located one block away from our school. 

Hospitals with pediatrics departments can be reached within 10-20 minutes’ drive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have all kind of specialists in Montreux (dentists, eye doctors, psychologists, etc.).

Feeling homesick is natural and we are here to help the student to adjust to camp life. With our small staff to student ratio and our family-like atmosphere, the student will receive the attention he needs.

After 1 or 2 days the student has usually made new friends and is too busy enjoying the program to think about homesickness!

WIFI is only available in limited areas of the school and at given times.

The computer room is open daily at fixed times for you to check your e-mails.

Travel documents and passport should be deposited at the school’s office upon arrival to be kept safely until the student’s departure.

From the airport

The closest airport is Geneva airport (about 1 hour and 15 minutes ‘drive)

Accompanied trip to or from Geneva-Airport can be organized.

By train

The closest railway station is Montreux (about 10 minutes’ drive). Direct trains run twice per hour from Geneva airport to Montreux railway station.

Taxis are available at the railway station; school transfers can also be organized upon request.

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