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Terms and Conditions

In our school, teachers, staff, boys and girls come together to create a community based on learning

  1. The language courses guarantee expert class instruction based on an institutional teaching plan together with a meaningful boarding experience within the limits of a holiday program.
  2. The school community promotes physical, moral and intellectual health, character building and academic aptitude.
  3. Required documents for acceptance:
    1. Swiss nationality: Identity card or passport
    2. Other nationality: Valid passport or identity card
  4. Upon entering the program, each student is expected to observe the school rules. This is an integral part of the educational contract. A copy of the school rules may be requested at any time.
  5. The school reserves the right to expel any student who engages in any behaviour which is damaging to the spirit of the school community. No fees will be refunded.
  6. Upon departure, students are responsible for taking all their belongings with them or for making any necessary shipping arrangements. The school is not responsible for any items left behind.
  7. Students should not bring any valuable items or large sums of money to the course (however, if necessary, such items may be deposited with the school for safekeeping). Understandably, the school cannot be held responsible for either electronic devices or clothing.
  8. Students are not permitted to keep any pets at school.
  9. A deposit of Chf. 800.- and an application fee of Chf. 200.- are required at the time of application. All fees must be settled by the arrival date at the latest. The fees must be settled before for students needing confirmation of full payment for visa purposes. The School Management may refuse entry if payment is not made on time. The deposit will be credited on the final invoice. The parental authority accepts the responsibility for the cost of any items a student purchases and agrees to pay such
    charges within 30 days of the invoice.
  10. Withdrawal fees:
    The contract may be cancelled at any time. At the time of cancellation the following charges will be made:
    • 31 days or more before the program begins 10% of basic fee
    • 30 to 22 days before the program begins 35% of basic fee
    • 21 to 15 days before the program begins 40% of basic fee
    • 14 to 8 days before the program begins 50% of basic fee
    • 7 to 0 days before the program begins, or non-appearance 60% of basic fee.
  11. Should the stay be interrupted, the entire basic fee will be retained.
  12. Price, program changes or cancellation of the course:
    The School Management reserves the express right to change the course program, price, or cancel the course program in case of unforeseen circumstances. Price increases are unlikely after the contract ends, but remain, nevertheless, a possibility in the event of increase in taxes, duties, exchange rate, etc. Any changes in duties, taxes, will be announced at least three weeks before the program begins. In the event of an increase of more than 10% of the basic fee, the right to cancel the contract is reserved. In case The School Management needs to cancel the course because of unforeseen circumstances, the school will not be liable for any loss or indirect costs related to the booking of the program (i.e. travel expenses, hotel bookings, bank transfer fees, etc.).
  13. The parental authority will be responsible for any damages incurred by the student. The parent or guardian is liable for any actions or omissions, especially as regards providing the Management with complete and accurate information.
  14. Any students who cause damage or suffer an accident should immediately report such incidents to the staff. In the case of deficiencies in the program, requests for refunds or compensation from the School Management should be sent in writing within one month of the final date of the contract; supporting evidence should be included. All rights will be forfeited if any accidents, damages, deficiencies, refunds and/or compensation are not requested according to the above guidelines.
  15. The School Management cannot be held responsible in the case of limitations or exemptions of liability which are based on international agreements or national laws. The liability limitations of the School Management for damages which are not
    physical injuries will not exceed double the amount of the basic fee, provided there are not further legal limitations in effect. In the event of damages which are the result of illegal actions but not personal injuries, the School Management will be liable
    for not more than double the amount of the basic fee.
  16.  Parents confirm that their children have not been subject to expulsion from another school for reasons of character or for dishonesty; further, they confirm that their children do not have a history of substance abuse.
  17. Parents are responsible for keeping to immigration regulations.
  18. By signing the application form the parental authority accepts the program description, the admission conditions, and the house rules as part of the contractual agreement. The parental authority supports the educational endeavours of the school
    administration, the strict adherence to the house rules and renounces any requests for exemption from classes, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The parental authority confirms to know that the child will participate in sports activities
    with inherent risks as such as horseback riding, biking, water sports, etc.
  19. We may publish photographs taken during the course. Should the parent or legal guardian not agree, the School Managment must be advised prior to the start of the course.
  20. Accident insurance: the first CHF 200.- (accidental excess) will be at the charge of the client. Hospitalization costs over CHF 10’000.- will be at the cost of the client/student or to be dealt with their own insurance.
  21. Payments done by credit cards are accepted at the school, but the credit card fees will be added to the invoice at the expense of the card holder.
  22. Compulsory residence taxes will be added to the final invoice.

The terms of this contract are in compliance with the Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Montreux (Switzerland).

The School Management has the right to bring a lawsuit against the parental authority in his usual place of residence.

Montreux, 17th October 2023

The Board of Directors Monte Rosa S.A.

Bank Account in Swiss Francs, located in Montreux, Switzerland:
UBS S.A. CH-1820 Montreux
Account: Monte Rosa S.A. No. 0249/683.756.01 L
IBAN: CH370024 924968 375601 L

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