Institut Monte Rosa – International School

Mission & Pedagogical value

Personality Development

Institut Monte Rosa supports all of its students (9 to 19 years of age) individually in developing their own personality, in honing their social skills and hence in learning to shoulder their share of responsibility in life.

Our educational methods

Our small classes, usually numbering between 2 and 10 students, promote motivation and encourage students to take pleasure and pride in their work. In addition to creating the ideal learning environment, we provide an academic program flexible enough to suit each student's needs, in order for all of them to fully realize their potential without feeling under pressure.

However, while striving to accommodate individual needs, our teaching staff always uphold our school's common values, as expressed by our mission statement, "In labore virtus": good manners, respect for others, a spirit of cooperation, the wish to do others good, a sense of honor, initiative and, not least of all, discipline.

Our goal: your child’s well-being

To succeed in studies, your children must feel at ease and comfortable in their learning environment. That is why they are placed at the center of our attention by offering them the availability and the support of our educational staff.

Each pupil benefits from a personalized follow-up about:

  • Education: we are following the evolution of your child for each subject to adapt his or her academic program. If required, we are able to place him/her in another class or working group according to his or her evolution.
  • Personal evolution: Monte Rosa is the perfect private school in Europe for students who are willing to work on their own personality. Our school gives responsibilities by involving them in the life of the community where they live during their stay.

24/7 Care

In a boarding school such as Institut Monte Rosa, a student has no real place to hide. And yet, children, while requiring careful guidance and security, must also be able to feel free. Our aim is to make it all possible.

An available staff

That is why our resident staff is always on hand to offer help and advice when called upon, and to participate in the students' leisure-time activities where appropriate, while always leaving students enough room to not feel constrained.

Our educational team is available to advise, help and answer students’ questions if they need to speak with someone. Each member of our team is able to guide and accompany pupils in their educational or personal projects.

According to their age, our pupils also need freedom that is why we give them some independence if they need it. However, our approach is also characterized by setting firm boundaries - something that young people like as well. They know that such an environment will bring out the best in them.

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