Institut Monte Rosa – International School

School life

They deserve the very best !

The school days at Monte Rosa take place in a setting free from international tensions or disturbances, in a country with a high standard of living with a high educational tradition and a healthy social environment.

Located in a multicultural and multilingual country, the various programs offered are organized with respect for different cultures and mindsets. The school is housed in the ‘Château d’Arvel’, a modernized nineteenth-century mansion in Territet - Montreux which has a panoramic view overlooking Lake Geneva. The climate is temperate and the pleasant environment conductive to healthy living and studying.

The school applies well-proven educational methods that allow students of various nationalities to become acquainted with each other and with community life. Their education is based on good manners, respect for others and a sense of honor and discipline. In this atmosphere, which emphasizes cooperation and initiative, each individual is able to develop his own personality and learns to shoulder his share of responsibilities.

A powerful alumni network, a solid education and lifelong friends

The student is in the middle of everything we do at Monte Rosa. We offer a flexible program, adapted to each student’s capabilities, in order to bring out their full potential.

Living and working within an international community, students will discover a multitude of different ideals and ethnic views - the main factors stimulating a certain tolerance within a young person.

Discovering other cultures

Monte Rosa welcomes students from a lot of countries as Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, United-Kingdom and so one… That is why our school offers a real international learning environment for pupils who want to learn one or several languages, discover other cultures, meet people from different ethnic groups and explore their point of view with others.

At our school, students recognize their responsibilities as ambassadors of their respective native countries, while at the same time learning to respect friendship and to judge their capabilities as well as gaining self-confidence within their group of fellow students.

In our truly international academic environment, conversations and discussions arise spontaneously, the constant exchange of ideas widen the students' horizons and contribute to the formation of their personalities.

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